Marianne Hill

Shadow Work Practitioner and Trainer

Marianne Hill is founder and director of Healing The Shadow. She works with individual clients, facilitates group workshops and runs a two year practitioner training in Healing The Shadow.

Marianne also works with couples and is passionate about creating authentic, vibrant and healing relationships. She has developed the powerful Five Fields Framework which supports individuals to communicate fully, respectfully and authentically. From this evolved the Restoring Connection Process, which is used with couples and within communities and organisations.

The articles on this site have been written by Marianne over the last ten years and cover a wide variety of topics relating to the shadow, archetypal psychology and authentic communication. Please scroll down the list of posts on the right hand side of the page to find a topic that interests you.

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Practitioner Training

A Two Year Practitioner Training in Healing The Shadow

Leading to a Qualification as a Healing The Shadow practitioner

This training will be of interest to anyone wishing to pursue a path of facilitating deep emotional process work:

  • You will learn how to facilitate deep process shadow work.
  • You will learn a comprehensive range of skills and techniques to hold a spectrum of different types of trauma and wounding.
  • You will learn to build authentic, healing relationships with your clients.
  • You will learn a clear theoretical framework, central to which is the concept of the shadow, and an understanding of the four archetypes: The Heart Centred Leader, The Transformer, The Feeling Body and The Action Taker.
  • You will gain all the expertise necessary for setting up in practice as a Healing The Shadow practitioner.

    The next two year training starts in September 2023.  

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New Archetypes Journals!

After several years of exploring this concept we now have our first batch of professionally printed journals on order and they will be arriving in about ten days time! These journals are designed to support you in exploring the archetypes and allowing your shadow sides to speak. The journals are based on the four archetypes, The Sovereign , The Warrior , The Magician , The Lover and allow space for you to explore a particular issue by encouraging each of these four parts of you to speak. Each journal comes with a book mark that contains guiding questions to help you to get in touch with each of the archetypes in turn and to ensure that this part of you has been fully heard. The journals are wire bound, A4 sized and cost £15 each. If you would like to order one please email me on

Healing The Shadow – Our Therapeutic Approach

In Healing The Shadow we have a unique approach to personal growth and healing which looks and feels very different to traditional forms of psychotherapy, counselling or coaching. With more and more people interested in training with Healing The Shadow we thought it a good idea to try to describe, as best we can, the differences between our approach and traditional ‘talking’ therapies. This piece that Rod and I have written explains the key differences, and gives you some idea of what our Healing The Shadow training involves and what a Healing The Shadow session might look like. Our Therapeutic Approach

The Lover (Feeling Body)

An article by Marianne Hill – Healing The Shadow Practitioner and Trainer

This post gives an introduction to the Lover archetype. The Lover is an aspect of ourselves that we all have inside us. However, as shadows form in our early life, many of us lose touch with the sensitivity, spontaneity and vulnerability of this side of ourselves which drives – either consciously or unconsciously – many of our decisions and actions. Continue Reading