Meet Marianne and Rod

Together Marianne Hill and Rod Boothroyd run their hugely popular shadow work workshops and trainings.  This recent podcast offers an opportunity to hear them both speaking about the work they love.

This podcast was recorded with Matthew Eatwell in May 2020. Matthew works with life coaches, executive coaches and other transformational practitioners helping them develop a purpose-driven business from the inside out.

There is quite a long introduction, so if you don’t want to listen to this, which includes Marianne and Rod’s life histories, then you might want to start listening at around 14 minutes.

The discussions revolve around the ‘shadow’ (the parts of ourselves that we try to hide and deny) and how, by bringing the light of awareness and compassion to these ‘unconscious drivers’, we can step into our true power and joy and become confident and fulfilled in our life. 

The discussions also include four personality archetypes (Magician, Lover, Warrior, Sovereign) and how each aspect is needed for us to become the best version of ourselves and bring our unique gifts and talents into the world.

Marianne and Rod run a variety of Healing The Shadow workshops and also full two year practitioner training. You can read more about the training here, and you can read more about the shadow here.

For information about individual sessions, workshops or couples work with Marianne, or to book a session or workshop please visit






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