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Welcome to this blog exploring the shadow.

This site contains articles discussing all aspects of the human shadow and looks at different ways we can discover, explore and heal our shadow.


You are invited you to discover parts of yourself that have been hidden, repressed or denied. Everyone holds part of their lives in shadow, usually the parts that carry very strong feelings such as unexpressed fear, grief, anger or even joy. These parts manifest themselves in many ways and can be the source of much pain and confusion. They stop you from being the fully expressed person you could be and sap your energy. By bringing these parts out of shadow in a safe, experiential setting you can release old patterns that you have held tightly in place, unlocking the power of your true self, with all your gifts, strengths and beauty. In so doing you can find new energy flowing through you because you are more relaxed and at home in yourself. This work can be done in individual sessions or it can take place within the context of a group, where participants are able to explore themselves, and witness and learn from another’s self examination.

The aim in this blog is to invite you to begin to explore your shadow and to really get to know yourself, all of yourself – including the parts you may find hard to accept.

I set up this blog up in 2013 with Hugh Newton who is also a trained and experienced Shadow Work facilitator, and we co-wrote the posts up until Summer 2015. Since then I have continued the blog independently. Hugh and I both trained and qualified with Shadow Work seminars incorporated and remained certified with them for many years. We have both since developed our practices in line with our own interests. We continue our facilitation paths working as independent shadow work practitioners along side our other areas of interest. For further information about the work we both do, including 1-2-1 sessions and group workshops please see the links below for our websites.



For further information about Healing The Shadow work, including details of individual sessions, group work, couple’s work and therapists trainings visit Marianne’s Website

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