The Shadow

We present to the world the parts of ourselves we wish to be known by, the parts we are conscious of and comfortable with. This is our psychological clothing, and it is how we wish to be seen by the world. But we are also made up of our shadow, which contains the parts of us that we have cut off, repressed or denied. The parts that we have at some point decided we do not want to be known by.

W0701-cybelles-secret-lge create our shadow as we grow up and sort out which of our characteristics are acceptable to the world, and which we must put away. We have to do this to be accepted by those around us, we have very little choice over this process. 10094_212170175650277_1964776569_n - CopyWe hide away those characteristics which we sense others disapprove of or are threatened by. However, these unacceptable parts of us do not just disappear. They take hold in hidden corners of our personality, where they slowly change and from lack of regular use and attention, they begin to take on a life of their own, a shadow life. These hidden parts of ourselves hold a wealth of energy. In fact, over time they may accumulate more power than our conscious personality, and erupt into our lives in ways we can’t control.


If you’re interested in shadow work and exploring your shadow further please visit:

Healing The Shadow

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