Two Year Practitioner Training in Healing The Shadow


Two Year Practitioner Training

Leading to a Qualification as a Healing The Shadow practitioner


Would You Like To Make A Real Difference To People’s Lives?

Do You Want To Forge A New Career Facilitating Personal Growth And Development?

Or To Deepen And Enrich Your Current Practice?


Healing The Shadow is an organisation devoted to exploring and healing the human shadow. This work helps people to understand their shadows, explore their fears and limitations, heal deep wounds and move beyond the emotional issues of their past to grow into all they can be. Our practitioners facilitate powerful, safe and effective processes whilst standing alongside the client with humanity and compassion.

Healing the Shadow is a fully insured training school and we are delighted to be offering our first practitioner training starting in October 2019. This training is designed to equip you with the skills to become a Healing The Shadow practitioner and facilitate this deep emotional process work for individuals.

We also offer a third year of training, which will give you the additional skills required to facilitate deep emotional process work in a group or workshop setting.

This training is suitable both for those new to working in the field of personal development and also those currently working as coaches or counsellors who wish to add these powerful techniques to their existing practice.

I am runing this training with my colleague and fellow Healing The Shadow practitioner Rod Boothroyd. Together we have designed a comprehensive training which provides you with all the tools and techniques you need to set up as a fully qualified and confident practitioner:

1) Training in the tools used for working with, and resolving emotional wounds held in the Shadow.

2) Training in holding clients therapeutically, both inside and outside the client session. We explore how your own shadows and the client’s shadows may play out in these interactions, and how such interactions can be used as a healing tool.

3) A complete training in Authentic Communication, a way of speaking which explores conflict and allows you to express your thoughts, feelings and emotions clearly and cleanly. This framework can be used to improve relationships in every aspect of your life and work.

4) An in-depth exploration of your own shadows. The biggest asset you bring to your clients is yourself. The better you know your own shadows, and the more work you do to heal them, the better you will be able to support your clients.

5) Techniques for working with the four aspects of the personality: The Feeling Body, The Action Taker, The Heart-Centred Leader, and The Transformer. These have their roots in the concept of the four fundamental human archetypes – Lover, Warrior, Sovereign, and Magician – and expresses their qualities in language relevant and accessible to a wide range of clients.


What We Offer: The Course Structure

The starting point is a two year course for those who would like to work with individuals in a one to one setting. There is an additional year’s training  available for those who would like to go on and facilitate group workshops. We believe it is essential to have the skills to safely hold and work with individuals as a foundation to progressing on to holding groups.


The training consists of:

●  Ten experiential training weekends in each year of the course.

●  Two personal tutorials each year.

●  Recorded practice sessions between training weekends.

●  Small training groups of approximately six participants to ensure individual attention.

●  Ample opportunity to do your own emotional process work in the group and to explore and heal your own Shadow.

●  A well held, safe space for personal development work.

●  Teaching in the theory and practice of working with the Shadow.

●  An exploration of basic counselling skills to equip you with the skills needed to take a professional approach to seeing clients.

●  Advice and guidance on setting up a Healing The Shadow practice.

●  Mentoring and supervision are available on completion of training.

●  The trainers are highly experienced practitioners Marianne Hill and Rod Boothroyd who have their own full-time Healing The Shadow practices.


The nature of the course is very suitable for individuals devoted to their own personal development work as well as those wishing to become a fully qualified and insured practitioner.


More information:


If you’re interested in discussing the possibilities this training opens up, would like more information, or simply wish to enquire about the practicalities, please contact Marianne Hill

tel: 01373 300749



Entry requirements: 

1) Personal experience as a client of Healing The Shadow Work, Emotional Process Work or other deep process work.

2) An initial interview with Marianne and Rod.



The cost for the first year is £3400.

This includes all costs: all course materials, your personal shadow work sessions over the year, and the 2 individual tutorials.

It is possible to pay in instalments, with the cost divided up in to a £500 deposit and 12 monthly instalments of £242


Dates of weekends for the first year:

October 26th/27th 2019

November 9th/10th 2019

December 7th/8th 2019

January 11th/12th 2020

February 8th/9th 2020

March 28th/29th 2020

April 18th/19th 2020

May 30th/31st 2020

June 6th/7th 2020

July 11th/12th 2020


Timings for each day

9.30am – 6pm each day.



The Green Room,


Somerset BA11 1PJ




Client feedback from previously run trainings for counsellors and psychotherapists (these trainings are no longer available)


“Thank you for your fantastic training…I have found it invaluable in my practice in helping clients speak from their different parts, and giving their darker voices a space.”                                                                                                   Heather Coombe, counsellor for adults and teenagers


Marianne you are an amazing teacher; clear, deeply authentic, hugely permission giving, with fine care and attention to detail. You managed to teach the tools in a very accessible and  clear way. I feel my work will be much enhanced by this training, I feel so inspired and excited, and I also feel my own journey and personal wounds received such beautiful care and integration that I really do feel something deep has been brought to healing within me. I thank you so much for that.”                                                                                                Dominique Sakoilsky, Couples and relationship counsellor


“I attended this course recently and was blown away. This work is very powerful and a great tool to have in the consulting room. I have used it many times now and find it very clarifying. I found my whole inner world change in the weekend attended, so much for the better. I am now much more at home with my power and able to hold that in relationships and within myself. Honestly, the world is now a different place, one in which I can hold myself and worry less about what people think or want, not that I don’t respect that, but it no longer worries me. I highly recommend this training!!”                                                                        LouAnne Lachman, psychotherapist


“I found the training extremely valuable in terms of personal development and working on aspects of self. Also I learned a variety of tools to take away. Most importantly I found that the learning environment was safe with genuine people that allowed me to share my experience and develop self.”                            Ellen Wheller – Consultant Social Worker, Private Therapist and Trainee Counselling Psychologist

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