Healing The Shadow – Our Therapeutic Approach

In Healing The Shadow we have a unique approach to personal growth and healing which looks and feels very different to traditional forms of psychotherapy, counselling or coaching. It is probably best described as a form of embodied psychotherapy and deep process work, rooted in depth psychology and archetypal theory.

With more and more people interested in training with Healing The Shadow we thought it a good idea to try to describe, as best we can, the differences between what a client experiences in a Healing The Shadow session, compared with the experience of receiving traditional ‘talking’ therapies. This piece that Rod and I have written explains the key differences, and gives you some idea of what our Healing The Shadow training involves and what a Healing The Shadow session might look like. Please follow this link to read about our therapeutic approach: Our Therapeutic Approach

For more information about Healing The Shadow, or to book a session or workshop please visit healingtheshadow.co.uk

For information about the Two Year Practitioner Training please visit htsorganisation.co.uk




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