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I am delighted to announce that our NEW Shadow Work Journals are now printed and available to buy! We have had amazing feedback about the power and effectiveness of using these journals. They are simple to use yet incredibly potent, with the ability to totally transform how you are thinking and feeling about an issue in your life.                                                          

These journals are designed to support you in exploring the archetypes and allowing your shadow sides to speak. The journal pictured to the left is based on the four archetypes using their new names: The Heart Centred Leader , The Action Taker , The Transformer , The Feeling Body. The journal below is based on the four archetypes using their traditional names: The Sovereign, The Warrior, The Magician and The Lover. These journals allow space for you to explore a particular issue by encouraging each of these four core parts of you to speak.

Each journal comes with a book mark that contains guiding questions to help you to get in touch with each of the archetypes in turn and to ensure that this part of you has been fully expressed. The journals contain all the information you need to get started: an explanation of the shadow and the principles of shadow work, a description of the archetypes and really helpful introduction to how to use your journal and get the most out of it. There is space for twenty different issues to be explored in each journal.

The journals are wire bound, printed on recycled paper, A4 sized and cost £15 each. If you would like to order one please email me on

Comments from a happy journal user: On first seeing Marianne’s Archetypes Journal I was struck by how straightforward it is. The journal is structured in a way that makes it easy to engage with. Having done some Healing The Shadow sessions with Marianne I was excited to read the introduction; the example provided in the journal made it an easy process to follow. When I embarked on my first entry, I was feeling quite down; whenever I write something down in a book that looks really beautiful I put pressure on myself to write the right thing- but with this journal I felt I was granted permission not to be perfect! I found myself dealing with my ‘Feeling Body’ first (lots of tears and grief came up). I then turned to the ‘The Transformer’ who was fearful of making a mistake. Next, there was the ‘The Action Taker’ who was definitely very angry. I had no idea that I was thinking and feeling some of these things. I couldn’t face writing from my Heart Centred Leader on that day but the next day I sat down and read through what I’d written and with the prompts from the bookmark my HCL was able to stand in her power and write from that place. What she wrote was very inspirational- I had no idea that she could be so supportive and helpful.

A sense of calm came over me with a feeling of goodwill toward myself. It was such a great process and really helpful- it was like doing a Healing The Shadow session in the Green Room with Marianne. Thank you Marianne for bringing your Archetypes Journey into being. Julie Grey


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