The Warrior Archetype – Interview

With Marianne Hill – Healing The Shadow Practitioner

This is the transcript of an interview by Carolyn Clitheroe, a psychotherapy student who has developed an interest in shadow work and the archetypes. In relation to her studies she interviewed Marianne about the Warrior archetype. This is the second in a series of interviews, the first was the Sovereign archetype interview. Before the Sovereign interview transcript there is a simple overview of all four archetypes. If you’re not familiar with the four archetypes you may wish to take a look at this summary to help put this Warrior interview in to context.

This interview took place in The Green Room in Frome in January 2018 and focuses on our inner Warrior. The discussions are wide-ranging and a variety of topics relating to the Warrior are discussed – power and boundaries, willpower and self discipline, self worth and accountability, war and abuse, anger and more… Inevitably the other three archetypes – the Lover, the Magician and the Sovereign – are also discussed, since all four archetypes are interwoven and interdependent.

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Diversity From The Inside Out

An article by Marianne Hill – Healing The Shadow Practitioner

In this article I will explore the idea that diversity is, at core, about more than just accepting and welcoming ’other’. It is, first and foremost, about accepting and welcoming parts of ourselves – parts that we haven’t yet had a chance to meet.
Firstly I am going to introduce you to a belief that has influenced me for a long time now and underpins all the work that I do. You will need to bear with me for a while as I take you through my own personal journey to arriving at this understanding – via shamanism, poetry, quantum physics, group dynamics and the other varied influences that have informed this belief.

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Managing Repressed or Overwhelming Anger


As we said in our last blog, we believe anger is always motivated by love. Love of ourselves or others and a desire to protect ourselves or others, or to enable ourselves or others to move forward and live a rich fulfilling life with integrity and honesty. Think for the last time you were angry — what were you wanting to protect yourself from? Or what rights were you wanting to stand up for? Or what was being blocked that you wanted to move towards?

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Celebrating Anger

lioness with cubs


In our culture anger tends to get a pretty bad press. Indeed, repressed or out of control anger can cause harm both physically and emotionally and can permanently damage relationships. There are obvious and important reasons for these types of anger to be feared, we must not overlook these or take them lightly. However, we want to start this blog by celebrating healthy anger. We believe pure anger, like any other emotion, is a force for good, and has deep wisdom behind it. Continue Reading