Leading and following – listening and speaking.

995844_583459828415490_1933985394_nIn our last blog we wrote about the importance of finding sufficient support if you are in a leadership role – whether that be the leading of others, or leading yourself forward in your life. We need to take in as much as we give out if we are to lead effectively and sustainably. In the same way that it is necessary to have vision and passion to be a good leader, receiving support is utterly essential. They are two sides of the same coin.

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In this blog we speak about leadership – both of ourselves and of others. As we move past January 31st, the start of the Chinese New Year we move in to the ‘Year of the Green Horse’. For the Chinese the Green Horse represents Leadership. The horse is green to speak of Plant energy, which in Chinese Medicine represents growth, strength, movement and power, along with cooperation, flexibility and humour. 1013754_690006337717348_1898603511_nThe Horse too represents power, freedom and passion and is linked closely with Leadership.

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Managing Repressed or Overwhelming Anger


As we said in our last blog, we believe anger is always motivated by love. Love of ourselves or others and a desire to protect ourselves or others, or to enable ourselves or others to move forward and live a rich fulfilling life with integrity and honesty. Think for the last time you were angry — what were you wanting to protect yourself from? Or what rights were you wanting to stand up for? Or what was being blocked that you wanted to move towards?

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Celebrating Anger

lioness with cubs


In our culture anger tends to get a pretty bad press. Indeed, repressed or out of control anger can cause harm both physically and emotionally and can permanently damage relationships. There are obvious and important reasons for these types of anger to be feared, we must not overlook these or take them lightly. However, we want to start this blog by celebrating healthy anger. We believe pure anger, like any other emotion, is a force for good, and has deep wisdom behind it. Continue Reading